Closing Doors Leads to Windows of Opportunity

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Greetings everyone!

So, after months of saying that I was going to start blogging my SL adventures – well, maybe not all of my adventures because a girl has to keep some things mysterious 😉 – I finally decided to take the plunge in honor of my very first rez day.  I guess I can say there are a couple of things that inspired me to start now.  First, it seems that SL birthdays – much like RL birthdays – inspire moments of reflections for me.  I always get very introspective around milestones.  In many ways, it’s my opportunity to do mental housekeeping.  There are the career and financial type checklists that I run through:  Am I doing the things that I want to do in life?  Am I being the best [fill in the occupation] that I can be?  Are there things that I need to focus on for my own improvement financially, career wise, or just in order to become a better person period?

And then there are other more interpersonal checklists.  The second part of my inspiration came when I happened to notice a friend’s new profile pick. (Yes, I am an unabashed profile perver. And, I may have just created a word because my spell check wants to keep changing it to “pervert.”  But, I digress.)  To paraphrase my friend’s profile pick, she said something along the lines of, “You know you’re on the right path when you become uninterested in looking back.”

This gave me pause. Being in the introspective mind frame that I was in given the timing, I had to ask myself – am I guilty of looking back, and is it hindering me from moving forward?  Don’t get me wrong.  It is good to embrace the past in that it provides us with invaluable lessons of the consequences of our actions, whether they are good or bad.  And, in that vein, the past provides us with a certain amount of comfort and security.  Familiarity in routines and in people breeds contentment.  However – whether you want to call it fate or a higher power – something (or a series of things) happens to let you know that maybe it’s time to close the door on that aspect of your journey and encourages you to be willing to take a step onto a new one.  It is scary because the future is rather unpredictable and unknown.  But, by not closing the door, you can inadvertently block your blessings by not embracing, or being open to, what may be meant for you.

As for me, as I embark on year 2 of SL, I have decided to close the door on certain aspects of my second life that have encouraged anonymity and fed into fears of failure.  Only time will tell where my new journey brings me, but that’s what faith is for 😉


  • Hammock – The Beachstore
  • Dress – Zaara| Ritka Maxi Dress (Mesh)
  • Jewelry (earrings and bracelets)- Ever An’ Angel| Paint Jewelry
  • Hair – Wasabi Pills (C88)| Claudette – Chocolate (Mesh)

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