Filling Buckets


I know… stunning that I have managed to post two days in a row!  But, I happened to be off of work today waiting for my carpet cleaner to come erase the vestiges of my dog’s latest presents of adoration.  So, after glaring  lovingly gazing at my doggy (in reality, I do love him to pieces even after ruining carpets), I decided to hop over to Alirium,  which is a beautifully landscaped sim with gorgeous trees, butterflies, and flowers all encapsulated in a breathtaking meadow.  And, to cap it all off, it has a the perfect slow, winding river.  Since water is something that always soothes my spirit, I was immediately drawn to the shores of the river, and I thought that it would be perfect for the subject of today’s posting.

I’m a spiritual person who believes in a higher power.  My higher power reminded me this week of the importance of embracing our individual differences and not worrying about how others will perceive them.  It’s something that I always think I do for myself, but when it comes to how I view my loved ones, sometimes I do fall into the trap of obsessing over their personality quirks and being concerned about what other people will think of them.  It’s in my nature to want to be protective and keep them from being unfairly judged. I was experiencing such a moment this week when, randomly, an acquaintance of mine began talking about how it’s important to fill our loved ones’ buckets with as much positivity as possible so that when they go out into the world, when someone wants to take negative shots at them, their bucket has already been filled with so much love and support that other people’s actions won’t even matter.

This message stopped me cold, because it was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment, and the deliverer didn’t even realize it.  It was a stark reminder for me to embrace not only my own unique qualities, but to be just as accepting of my loved ones without trying to change them to fit some illusion of normalcy.  Besides, what would our world be like if we didn’t have the Homer Simpsons around to keep us smiling?  D’OH! ❤


  • Dress and accompanying scarf:  Charltina’s | Africa Lives Series: Stand (mesh)
  • Hair:  Discord Designs | Leah in Autumn
  • Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer | Seluku in Gold (mesh)
  • Ring:  Maxi Gossamer | Ketama in Gold
  • Lips:  MOCK | Sahne Bitter Chocolate and Bella Vetro Gloss in Paprika
  • Nails:  Jamman | Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails (mesh)
  • Skin:  League | Amber Deeptan in Smoky
  • Pose:  Image Essentials | Feeling Blue in Kneeling

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