Purple Reign


I think the Weather Gods have it in for me this year.  Sadly, my last day of summer was spent stuck in the house, watching sheets of water run down my windows.  This was typical of Summer 2013 for me… rain, rain and lots of it.


I wish I could say that I actually had a spring.  That would be no.  You see, up until June, I lived in the upper Midwest of the United States, and of course it decided to be winter until four weeks before I moved.  Then it rained. I thought… yaay, I’m moving to the southern climate and will see sun!  Wrong… more rain. 😦


So, Autumn Equinox… you’re my last hope.  Maybe I’ll suck up to you by saying that you’re my favorite season of them all.  Even though you are the antithesis of Spring and are the season where Spring and Summer’s bounty either dies or goes into hibernation, you are the season that inspires them to show their full glory before taking their last bow.  Leaves turn into the most beautiful golds, oranges,  reds, and bronzes before gracefully floating down to the ground below.  Annual flowers show off their finest blooms before they bid a final farewell… perennials similarly show off their fine greenery before frost sends it to sleep.  Your crisp air awakens the senses and inspires me to drag out the knits, boots, and my favorite item of all… my trusty leather jacket.  I skip with glee through your leaves and bask in the warm colors that surround me and embrace your arrival like a woman who has long missed her lover’s touch.


Did I butter you up enough, Autumn?  If so, can you do a girl a favor and actually stay for a while?  Winter is a bitchy guest who overstayed her welcome the last time like a three-day-old dead fish. I’d really appreciate the hook up.  Thanks! ❤


  • Dress: PRISM | Glenna in Tugrapes (limited edition in store) (mesh)
  • Shoes: Bax | Regency Boots in Plum Leather (mesh)
  • Hair:  Truth | Tatum in Autumn
  • Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Crystal Teardrop Necklace (color selection)
  • Ring: Chop Zuey | Italienne Suite Women’s Ring
  • Lips:  PIDIDDLE | Matte Lost My Keyes and MOCK |Bella Vetro Gloss in Blush
  • Eyes: MOCK | Miss Vanity Eyeshadow with Lashes in Supernova
  • Poses are from [what next] (Rainy Day Pose Props with Umbrella included);  Image Essentials (Blues Stand); Morgane Batista Poses (War Statue of Liberty); and Vista Animations

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