Martinis and sunsets

blog6_003signedRL has completely invaded this past couple of weeks in the form of business travel.  Once upon a time when I first entered into my current profession, I remember being so excited about the opportunity to hop on planes and stay in different cities.  I would dream about the day when I could roll my luggage through the corridors, heels clicking the linoleum floors as I impatiently weave through the “tourists” so that I – the important businesswoman – could be on my way to wherever my work took me.  I would hail cabs, and speed to fancy hotels, and dine on sumptuous meals.

Fast forward to reality.  Planes are oversold, and they pack you in like sardines in a can.  Plus, companies are too cheap nowadays to put you in the very plush surroundings unless you’re in the C-suite.  So, after making multiple trips across this great country over the past several days, I’m in desperate need of unwinding.  I’m now going to kick back in my Adirondack, sip on an apple martini, and enjoy an ocean sunset.  Happy Saturday !!<3


  • Chairs:  Park Place | Blue Adirondack Lounge (mesh)
  • Martinis: Food by Sami | Apple Martini Tray
  • Dress:  LIVGLAM K-Collection | Who’s That Girl Minidress (mesh)

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