Granny Panties

Scene 5 with bubble

Alright.  I fully admit that I’m a bit of a smart ass and that I have a bawdy (and maybe even occasionally twisted) sense of humor.   But, before you judge,  this comic strip that I created for Exposeur’s Tell Me A Story Contest (it runs until November 11) was therapeutic after a crappy week in both lives last week.

The premise was inspired by a movie that I watched recently – Think Like A Man.  The movie is based on Steve Harvey’s book that purports to provide women with a translation of the male psyche. I’m not convinced a book can fully map that out for us, but in any event, one of the storylines involved a young woman who always dated the wrong guys and found that she was giving up the cookie (i.e. giving up the booty… or for those of you who can’t translate the euphemism – having sex) way too early in the relationship.  So, to make sure that the guy really was into her, she put them on a 90-day plan before she would engage in intimacy.  And, to inspire her to stay on her best behavior, she would wear the old, raggedy underwear on her dates so that she would be way too embarrassed to pull them off.   Hence, the Granny Panties strip was born.  You can find the full strip on my flickr page

Enjoy! ❤

CREDITS (as shown in strip)


~~~Scene 1 ~~~

  • Boots:  Bax | Prestige – Brown Suede (Sienna)
  • Lingerie:  Meghindo’s |  Nicole
  • Hair:  Amacci | Nena (Dark Brown)

~~ All other scenes ~~

  • Top:  Gizza | Mesh Blouse in Leather Crocodile
  • Jeans: Koko | Vintage Low Rider Jeans (darkwashed)
  • Purse: Ricielli | YUSE bag  (Ethnic)
  • Earrings and Ring:  Maxi Gossamer | Valencia Earrings and Ketama Ring


Coat: Redgrave | Mesh Tweed Coat
Sweater: Gizza | Argyle Suit Gray
Jeans:  Redgrave | Liquid Mesh (Black)



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