Being Thankful for… First Snows


For the month of December, and pretty much because this season always inspires me to remember to embrace the things that are my blessings,  my posts will be focused on the things for which I am thankful.

At the time I was deciding to do this concept, I got a text photo from one of my friends showing me the season’s first snow from the place where I used to live.  She cheerily had the tag line “Don’t you miss this?” Now for those of you who read my previous post in Purple Reign, and my ode to Fall, you’d know that I was a bit traumatized by the length of this last winter and my fervent desire to not see snow for a long time.  But, seeing the picture reminded me of the magic of the first snowfall.  It’s like everything is purified and glistens.  There is nothing prettier than snow-covered trees, or untouched snow on the ground that hasn’t been tracked up yet by four-legged and two-legged creatures alike.

To capture that magic in SL, I was fortunate enough to go to my friends Peace and Antony’s sim, Imaginaria, which has been beautifully decorated for the winter.  The gardens and the tree-lined path that lead to the ice pond are so incredibly done.  It is a photographer’s dreamy playground, and they are graciously opening it to the public until December 20th.   ❤


  • Coat and Fedora Hat:  Gizza | Trench Coat in Pink (with accompanying hat) (mesh)
  • Scarf: Boho Hobo | Scarf in Pink zigzags (mesh)
  • Boots:  Bax | Prestige Boots in Red Leather (Grape color option)
  • Hair: Amacci | Tina in Chocolate
  • Makeup:  Mock | Bella Vetro Gloss in Apple Blossom
  • Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernails

Pose by Manifeste

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