Being Thankful for… Ladies’ Night


Sometimes, it’s just fun to be able to let your hair down and act a fool with the ones who have your back. I am thankful for my sissy, Sungyoung, as she’s been one of those people for me in SL.  ILY Sissy, and thanks for dancing the night away with me!!!

By the way, for those of you who like bargains, the t-shirt and hot pants that I’m wearing were a steal at the Legal Insanity Outlet. It’s definitely vintage, but if you’re looking to spend less than 30L on an outfit, that’s definitely the place to go to find some cute items.

Cheers to ladies’ night 🙂

P.S.  It’s insanely late, and I’m so tired, I feel like I consumed 3 of those apple martinis.  So, my credits aren’t including everything in the photo.  If you are curious about something that I didn’t mention, feel free to shoot me a note.  Thanks! ❤


On Sungyoung:

  • Top: JANE | Happy Bows – Concord
  • Bottom: Blacklace | Kendra – Coco
  • Feet: Slink | Natural barefeet
  • Hair: Exile | Party Girl
  • Hairbrush: !bang | Hairbrush Microphone
  • Crown: Olive – the Grandma’s Treasures – Superpoo crown

On me:

  • Top: Legal Insanity | I Love Shoes Shirt!
  • Bottom:  Legal Insanity | Hot Pants Black
  • Feet: N-Core | Barefeet Flat
  • Hair: Analog Dog | Hop Notch in Chili
  • Martinis:  Sami | Apple Martini Tray
  • Record Player and Vinyls:  [what next] | Fleeftone Retro Record Player and Pile of Vinyls

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