Being Thankful for… Moonlight Strolls


‘Tis the season of multiple holiday parties.  And, if you’re an introvert like myself, it feels like an exercise in holiday torture as opposed to cheer.  There are many times when I wish I could sneak away to the peace and quiet of the night and stroll under the stars.

Luckily, I was able to do just that at The Rose Theatre, which is fully decked out for the winter, and I found a lovely solarium on the grounds that served as the perfect spot to get some peace.  Or, if one were to believe the Regency romance novels that I love to read, the solariums were always the place to meet your would-be lover for a passionate embrace.

I’m wearing the group gift from Romance Couture, which is a stunning ivory column dress that sparkles and ends in a flourish of fluffy, white fur.  The beautiful thing about this dress is that it is completely demure in the front – not even a hint of cleavage.  It just has a lovely drape and encrusted topaz and pearl jewels on the chest. The real daring is in the plunge of the back 🙂  Another great thing about this dress… it comes with earrings, too!!

Here’s to quiet moments or surreptitious trysts… whatever your pleasure ❤


  • Dress and Earrings: Romance Couture | Golden Christmas (partial mesh)
  • Hair: BooN | SCO052 in Chocolate (gathered and raised hairbase separate)
  • Lips: MOCK | Bella Vetro Gloss in Apple Blossom

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