One Journey’s Completion

Taken at LEA 6 Cinema Sim (now closed)
Taken at LEA 6 Cinema Sim (now closed)

I’m baaaaaaaack 🙂  Yes, I’m aware as I look at my post history that it’s been almost 4 months since I’ve done an actual written post for my blog.  However, my absence from my written stream is a bit explainable.  As I indicated in my previous post, I was accepted into the pioneer class of VISIONAIRE Institute, which is an SL photography certification course. That- along with some RL obligations and Flickrie work these last few months – have kept me quite busy. 

In any event, I had a couple of goals going into VISIONAIRE – 1) continue improving on my raw shot and editing skills; and 2) become comfortable with taking “non-people” photos, and other items of discomfort (i.e. portraits – blech.)


The experience was AMAZING.  Wren and Nariko are fantastic instructors who imparted so much wisdom and gave so much loving support and critique.  I think what I enjoyed most was the fact that they integrated their RL photography knowledge into the lessons, and they were not afraid to be brutally honest – which frankly, I appreciated.

And as to my goals… I think I can safely say that I accomplished what I sought out to do.  As an example, the photos that I included here are my attempts at minimalist photography – taught by the awesome Melu Parkin – shot during a field trip to a LEA sim.  But, beyond the additional skills, I am proud to say that I gained new friends and mentors along the way. Thank you Koko and Wren for a wonderful opportunity and hugs to all of my classmates whom I already miss, but am glad to count in my extended SL family.


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