Second Thoughts

Have you ever created a photograph and published it in a post, then went back to one of the ones where you chose not to use, edit it, and then feel like maybe you should have used this photograph instead?  That’s pretty much a fair description of the story behind this photograph, which came in second place behind the photo that I used for my Versus post.  However, in fairness, that photograph had the mood that I was trying to achieve for my post.  However, I really liked this one too, and so, I have decided that it should see the light of day.  And, since this is my blog and I can do whatever I want to (YAY) I’m going to do just that.  So there.

But, because I believe in being informative, I want to at least use this as an opportunity to acknowledge the gorgeous sim that this was taken on.  Jeff Goodnight has created a new sim that I originally saw in Honour McMillan’s blog, and I immediately knew that I needed to go see it.  Believe me when I say that photographs are not really doing it justice, it is a stunning tropical sim that was created with photography in mind.  And, he has generously allowed photographers to come and use it.  So, if you get a chance to check it out, here’s your taxi!

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