Back to Black

Back to Black

Only in the darkness can you see the faintest stars.
Only in the night’s own ink are written poets’ scars.
Only in the shadows are the shapes they give to light.
Only in the climb from pain does hope appear to sight.
Only in the sable pigment rainbowed colors run.
Only in the shade is there relief from too much sun.

And in the darkest hours are heard a lover’s sweetest sighs.
And in the depths of blackest wells the clearest water lies.
And in the raven warnings of wild youth our freedom sings.
And in the black of priests and widows tragedy still rings.
And in the stark dark tragedies the wounded need not hide.
And in the black veiled privacy anyone might confide.

Look in a black glass mirror if you long to see your fate.
There is a way that dawn looks finer after midnight late
― Robert A. Sloan, The Color Black

Today, the Black Fashion Fair hit the grid, and ghee has several items at this must see event, including a couple of exclusives that you will only find there.
The dress that I happen to be wearing should come with a warning label, because I can personally attest to its magnetism. Let’s just say that this is the kind of dress that will turn heads – and you will love it. I’m wearing the Black Sandwashed Silk drape gown, which has a delicate silver chain in the front and a deep plunge in the back which shows off the back in a classy, yet very seductive, way. The dress also fully displays the right leg while dramatically draping to the floor to cover the left. It also comes with a sexy mesh thong underneath.

Here’s your taxi. The event is going on now through August 22nd. Happy shopping!

Dress: ghee | Sandwashed Silk Drape Gown in Black (@ The Black Fashion Fair)
Bangles: Maxi Gossamer | Lyra
Hair: CaTwA | C4v2
Pose by Agapee

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