In From the Cold


“A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.”

~ George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

November is here, and where I live, it has come with a roar of cold wind that has been shaking my windows all day long.  Unfortunately for me, this is a clear sign that Old Man Winter is beating my beloved Fall out with his staff, and soon I will need to give up the colorful leaves and make way for snow, snow and more snow.

Luckily, ArisAris has me well situated for the inevitable approach of winter.  Recently, Ariadna released a stunning new fur jacket that is appropriately named “Feels Amazing.” (BTW – I promise no furries were used in the creation of this garment.) This cute belted jacket comes with a HUD texture changer with 6 different looks and can be snatched either on Marketplace or in the mainstore.

To complete my look, I am wearing thermals from ghee’s recently closed Autumn Hunt, but luckily you can grab this fashion necessity in many other colors at the ghee mainstore.  Trust me, these are not only sexy by themselves, but they are the perfect layering item for your winter wardrobe.

Happy shopping! ❤


Jacket: ArisAris | Feels Amazing Fur Jacket (NEW) (Mesh)

Thermals: ghee | Thermal leggings and turtleneck in Conker (color from the store’s Autumn Hunt and no longer available)

Boots: Bax | Bax Regency Boots in Cream Leather (Mesh)

Hair: ICONIC | Eva

Earrings: Indyra | Glam Warrior Earrings in Gold & Silver

Pose by Di’s Opera


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