Me llamo Frida

gheefridafinal “I was born a bitch.  I was born a painter.”
~ Frida Kahlo

Woot!  It’s finally here! Today, iNovare Magazine’s FashionArt event officially hit the grid.

Today also marks another special event, but it’s for me personally… according to WordPress, this is my 50th post 🙂 \o/  It honestly seems like I just really started blogging a short while ago, and it has been full of starts and stops as real life would sometimes encroach on my SL time.  But, I’ve been blessed to represent awesome designers, and participate in fantastic events such as the one I blogged for today.  And, I also have readers (double yay!), so thank you so much for your support and interest as it really does inspire me and my enjoyment of blogging.

My look in this post is courtesy of Warm Clarity from ghee, and it is also inspired by Frida Kahlo.  I realize I’ve been doing a lot of Frida lately and haven’t any of the stuff yet that is inspired by Andy Warhol. But, there’s something about Frida that draws me to her.  I think it’s her unabashed femininity, and her strength in overcoming physical and emotional obstacles while also fully embracing her desires to their fullest potential during a time that was infinitely more conservative than now.

In any event, I really liked Warm’s design as this is a fun, flirty and very feminine minidress with a flared skirt that has a playful sexiness to it, which feels to me like the essence of Frida.  And, of course, being that it is paying tribute to Frida, it is accompanied by her signature floral headpiece.  I have to admit, I’m kind of digging the flowers in the hair look lately.  I may have to see if I can incorporate that more in future stylings 🙂

Be sure to check out ghee, Kunglers (the designer of my spectacular necklace), and many other fabulous designers at this awesome event before it leaves the grid.  Your taxi is here.

Happy Shopping ❤


Headpiece, Dress: ghee| Kahlo Whirl Dress (exclusively at FashionArt)
Necklace: Kunglers| Frida Forever Golden Necklace (exclusively at FashionArt)
Hair : CaTwA| Rachel
Makeup: MOCK | Gilded Smokey Chili Pepper Eyeshadow and Fuchsia Rose Sweet Lips (group gift)
Shoes: ArisAris | Femme Fatale Shoes for Slink High Feet (feet not included)

Pose by Agapee

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