What I’ve Been Up To…

Shot of my living room.

Hello good people!  I have been a bit distracted lately with RL and a SL project that I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks, so the posts have been coming slow lately.  I’m at the tail end of my SL project, which is creating a new home sim for me and my SL family.  I’m actually pretty proud of how it has turned out, and I thought I would be a goober and show off some shots.  There are a few more tweaks that I want to do, but as you can see, we have created an urban sim that we wanted to be photography friendly.  When we are completely done (which should hopefully be within the next week or so – time permitting), we will put out a landmark so that you guys can enjoy it as much as we do (just don’t jump on my sofa 😉 ).

Until then, here’s a sneak peak! ❤

home3final home2final

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