Sponsors, Review Policies and Disclosures

I have the honor and pleasure of featuring a few designers and events that I am proud to say are sponsors of this blog. Clicking on the following logos (with the exception of the Summer Fashion Festival) will give you a taxi to their stores or event pages:

sff logo

armony logo

arisaris logo

Boho blogger


logo fashionart



While I do accept items from creators to review, unfortunately it may not be possible for me to review every item due to time constraints as well as my obligations to my sponsors who receive first priority. In addition, please note that the items that I choose to include in my posts are those that reflect my own personal style, as I feel that best represents the product that has been created.  Thank you for your consideration and understanding.


Second Life(R) is a registered trademark of Linden Labs. According to eva and the domain name, slaccordingtoeva.com, are not affiliated in any way with Linden Labs or Second Life. All views expressed on this website (other than the comments section) are strictly my own. There… that should keep the lawyers happy 😉

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